Dear honored guests and prospective conference participants,
We are delighted to invite you to the 4th CNU International Conference on Management and Economics (ICME 2019) and the 17th Northeast Asia Management and Economics Joint Conference(NAMEJC 2019), which will be held on October 24-26, 2019 at the College of Economics and Management(CEM), Chungnam National University(CNU) in Daejeon, Korea. The main theme of the conference is “New Northern and Southern Policy in Globalization 4.0 Era”.

The CNU International Conference on Management and Economics is an annual meeting for all academics or practitioners who have much interest in the field of economics, management, and international trade to connect and communicate with conference attendants. It was first organized by CEM, CNU in 2016, and this year’s conference is the 4th meeting.

The Northeast Asia Management and Economics Joint Conference is also an annual academic meeting which was first organized by National Economics and Management Association of Korea (NEMA) and China University Commercial Education Association(CUCEA). This conference has been held every year in China and Korea alternately since 2002.

In dynamic Asian economy in Globalization 4.0 Era, which means simultaneous advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution and more deepened globalization, there is a common recognition on the need of closer cooperation for sustainable development of Asian countries against new protectionism caused by trade wars between U.S. and China and between Korea and Japan. In this context, this year, the organizing committee of two conferences(NAMEJC and ICME) decide to hold them concurrently, to provide conference participants with wider opportunities to share ideas and experiences in a broad range of relevant fertile areas related with sustainable development of Asia in Globalization 4.0 era.

We warmly invite all the practitioners, academics, and policy makers to present their idea or research at this wonderful opportunity. We look forward to meeting you soon at Daejeon, Korea.

Organized by

Management and Economics Research Institute
Chungnam National University(忠南大學校)

Management Research Institute
Chonnam National University(全南大學校)

Research Institute of Industry and Economy
Chonbuk National University(全北大學校)

Research Institute for Industry and Management
Chungbuk National University(忠北大學校)

Tourism, Business and Economic Research Institute
Jeju National University(濟州大學校)

Institute of Management and Economics Research
Kangwon National University(江原大學校)

Research Institute of Economics and Business
Kyungpook National University(慶北大學校)

Institute of Economics and International Trade
Pusan National University (釜山大學校)

Institute of Management
Pusan National University (釜山大學校)

Host by

Chungnam National University
National Economics and Management Association of Korea
China University Commercial Education Association

Sponsored by

National Research Foundation of Korea
Daejeon Metropolitan City
Daejeon International Marketing Enterprise

Conference Chairs

Dr. MOON Hee Cheol, Chungnam National University, Korea
Dr. KANG Dae Seok, Chungnam National University, Korea

Keynote Speakers

Dr. ZHANG Lijuan (Shandong University, Jinan, China)
Dr. JEONG Young Sik (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, Korea)
Prof. SAKAI Takayuki (Kobe University, Japan)
Dr. Jacob WOOD (James Cook University, Singapore)
Dr. Marcellin Yovogan (Sofia University, St. Kliment Ohridski, Bulgaria)

Steering Committee

Dr. PARK Sang-Moon, Kangwon National University, Korea
Dr. CHUNG Jae-Woo, Kyungpook National University, Korea
Dr. KIM Moo-Sung, Pusan National University, Korea
Dr. YOON Sung-Min, Pusan National University, Korea
Dr. LEE Su-Yol, Chonnam National University, Korea
Dr. KIM Min-Cheol, Jeju National University, Korea
Dr. JUNG Jin-Sup, Chungbuk National University, Korea
Dr. JI Baocheng, Renmin Univertsity, P.R. China
Dr. KIM Inchul, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade, Korea
Dr. HUH Chan-Guk, Chungnam National University, Korea
Dr. MA Lili, Northwest University, P.R. China
Dr. LONG Xingle, Jiangsu University, P.R. China
Dr. KIM Hyung-Jun, Chungnam National University, Korea
Dr. OH Keun-Yeob, Chungnam National University, Korea
Dr. PARK Kyung-Hye, Chungnam National University, Korea
Dr. KIM Chang-Bong, Chung-Ang University, Korea
Dr. KIM Hag-Min, Kyunghee University, Korea
Dr. ZHANG Yujie, Tsinghua University
Dr. WOO Jinhoon, Beijing Foreign Studies University, P.R. China
Dr. CHAI Meihua, Hunan Normal University, P.R. China
Dr. NIU Linjie, Shandong University, P.R. China
Dr. MA Longlong, Renmin University, P.R. China
Dr. YAN Weilong, Nanjing Audit University, P.R. China
Dr. LIU Siwei, Hunan University of Commerce, P.R. China
Dr. LIU Zuankuo, Shandong Normal University, P.R. China
Dr. NGUYEN, Thi Bich Loan, Thuongmai University, Vietnam
Dr. DO Thi Binh, Thuongmai University, Vietnam(Subject to change with additional committee members)

Track Chairs

Dr. OH Keun-Yeob (Chungnam National University)
Dr. JEONG Se-Eun (Chungnam National University)
Dr. BAEK Ji-Won (Chungnam National University)
Dr. LIM Sung-Jong (Chungnam National University)
Dr. JHANG Ho-Gyu (Chungnam National University)
Dr. PARK Kyung-Hye (Chungnam National University)
Dr. CHOI Byeong-Cheon (Chungnam National University)
Dr. LEE Hyun-Eung (Chungnam National University)
Dr. KIM Tae-Joong (Chungnam National University)
Dr. JEON Ki-Young (Chungnam National University)
Dr. CHO Hyuk-Soo (Chungnam National University)
Dr. PARK Hong-Gyue (Chungnam National University)
Dr. CHUNG Jae-Woo (Kyungpook National University)
Dr. KIM Min-Cheol (Jeju National University)
Dr. YOON Seong-Min (Pusan National University)
Dr. YANG Lin (Shandong University, Weihai Campus)
Dr. KIM Jang-Hoon (Chungnam National University)
Dr. WU Chao (Jiangsu University)
Dr. DO Thi Binh (Thuongmai University)
Dr. MOON Hee Cheol (Chungnam National University)
Dr. KANG Shin-Hyung (Chungnam National University)
Dr. KIM Hyung-Jun (Chungnam National University)
Dr. PARK Sang-Moon (Kangwon National University)
Dr. LEE Sang-Bin (Changwon National University)
Dr. SHIM Sang-Ryul (Kwangwoon University)